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More Than Just "Representation"

Child Custody and Parenting Time Services Expertise

Free Initial Consultation - With Everything to Gain and Nothing to Lose

Attorney Jeff Alter
Attorney Jeff Alter

» Unsurpassed Customer Service

» Child Custody Process Education

» Partnership With A Child Custody Lawyer

» Decades of Experience

» Court/Judge Familiarity

» Settlement and Trial Expertise

»  Assessment of Your Case

»  Top Reviews

»  Accommodating Schedules

»  Compassion With Toughness

»  Emphasis on Trust and Credibility

»  Strong Protection of Your Rights

What I Do For You

Easy Interview and Intake

Child Custody, Parenting Time and other Family Law issues are stressful enough.  I know the questions to ask and will gather the information needed to assess your circumstances and develop a course of action for you. I will communicate everything to you in an easy to understand manner without all the "lawyer-speak" used by most attorneys.

In Your Corner

Judges try to get to the truth of the matter and be impartial. I am not a judge, and I am not impartial. I frame the issues in a light that is favorable to you.


I firmly believe in providing constant and updated information to you involving all aspects of your case. You can always count on being informed either through emails or phone calls.

Case Management

Whether you have an initial case, motions, or a mediation, there are may time-frame, filing, and activity requirements. I keep track of everything for you to ensure that none of these requirements are missed. You have the peace of mind knowing that your case will be monitored and managed professionally.

Protecting Your (and Your Child's) Rights

Every Divorce or other Family Law issue involves your rights - Rights that I will protect using decades of experience protecting the rights of my clients.

Fair Fees

You get detailed records of any fees or costs associated with your case. There are no markups on filings or any other costs. It's all about financial integrity.

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Go to my main website. I Look forward to hearing from you.

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