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» Unsurpassed Customer Service

» Divorce Process Education

» Partnership With A Divorce Lawyer

» Decades of Experience

» Court/Judge Familiarity

» Settlement and Trial Expertise


» Assessment of Your Case

» Top Reviews

» Accommodating Schedules

» Compassion With Toughness

» Emphasis on Trust and Credibility

» Strong Protection of Your Rights

Easy Interview and Intake

Divorce and Family Law issues are stressful enough.  The right questions are asked, and the right information is gathered to assess your circumstances and develop a course of action for you.  Everything is communicated in an easy to understand manner without all the “lawyer-speak” used by most attorneys.


In Your Corner

Judges try to get to the truth of the matter and be impartial.  A good lawyer is not impartial and is on your side.



Constant and updated information to you involving all aspects of your case is provided. You can always count on being informed either through emails or phone calls.

Case Management

Whether you have an initial case, motions, or a mediation, there are many timeframes, filings, and activity requirements. Everything is tracked for you to ensure that none of these requirements are missed. You have the peace of mind knowing that your case will be monitored and managed professionally.


Protecting Your Rights

Every Divorce or other Family Law issue involves your rights – Rights that will be protect here using decades of experience.


Fair Fees

You get detailed records of any fees or costs associated with your case.  Unlike many law firms, here there are no markups on expenses and costs. It’s all about financial integrity.

What to Look for In a Divorce Attorney


>> Experience doing Divorce Trials.  Do not get stuck with a learning associate in a law firm.  Even if you hope for a settlement, your attorney must be prepared to go to trial with the knowledge of what’s to come, the ability to think on one’s feet, and a good relationship with the court.  If your attorney is not a good trial lawyer ready to go to trial if needed, then chances are you will not get a very good settlement.

>> Experience doing Divorce Mediations.  The importance of good representation during mediations and other settlement venues is often overlooked, even by attorneys.  A good divorce attorney has many years of settlement experience and can help you get a settlement that you are comfortable with. 

>> Good Reviews.  Search for the attorney’s name and reviews. 

>> Clear Communication.  This is very important since you need to understand what is going on during every aspect of your case.  You can get a sense of how clearly lawyers communicate when you call to discuss retaining them. 

>> Open & Honest.  Again, you can get a sense of this when talking with the divorce attorney.  You should never feel like information is being withheld or falsely provided.  Your attorney should also not sound like a used car salesperson.


Many people have reached the “divorce” stage only after deep and heavy thoughts and feelings.  Whether your marriage was very short or long, or somewhere in between, you are facing the end of a relationship which may have resulted in the sharing of children, assets, debts, and lost years of your life, whether some or all of these.

A divorce is one of the most impactful events in your life.  Jeff knows the rules of evidence, the rules and law of Colorado divorce including parenting time, spousal support, child support, and asset and debt distribution (including rules for dividing retirement), case management procedure, and proper and good techniques for presenting your position and witness examination.