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Specializing only on Colorado Family Law Matters since 2006, Jeff Alter’s expertise and experience includes Divorce, Child Custody, Child and Spousal Support, Asset Division and Allocation, Real Estate Allocation, Retirement Allocation, Premarital and Marital Agreements, Separation Agreements, Modifications of Court Orders, Mediation, Arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Relocation, Enforcement of Court Orders, Protection Orders, Paternity, and Grandparents Rights. 

He learns the circumstances of your situation, develops a plan from the beginning to protect your rights, and ensures that your case starts off strongly, settles with a fair agreement, and is well presented in court if a trial is necessary.  

Jeff also provides a stress-free and free consultation over the phone.  His consultations can be more in depth than consultations with other attorneys, because he wants to ensure he understands your situation and can discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your case.  A consultation can also give you a feeling as to whether you and Jeff are a “good fit”. 

Jeff believes open and honest communication is very important regarding all aspects of your case, and therefore nothing is hidden or sugar-coated.  If he thinks you have strengths or weaknesses in your case, he will point them out and discuss the “whys” as well as ways to strengthen those weaknesses.

Attorney Fees 

Another distinguishing feature of Jeff’s practice is that he keeps a limit on his number of active cases.  Unlike many firms that take any case as long as they get paid for it, Jeff only takes a case if he has quality availability for it.  This means your case gets more attention because it has less competition with other cases.

Further, he does not assign associates or learning attorneys to your case.  He provides his own personal and professional attention to you and your circumstances.  When you hire larger law firms, you many times get assigned an associate attorney rather than a partner or seasoned attorney with many years of expertise.  This can make a difference during your case.  

Jeff separates himself from other law firms and attorneys by providing low attorney fee rates.  He is able to do this for several reasons.  He has focused on lowering his own overhead expenses, including a lower-than-average office rent.  He does not charge you for staff, associates, paralegals, and legal secretaries who might otherwise bill for the time it takes for them to “educate” each other on what has been done on your case by different people.  He also has a modernized practice where he utilizes electronic and phone communication to minimize office visits and paper/copy costs.  

 Also, unlike many firms, he does not have billable hours that he is required to maintain each year.  He does not inflate his time on your case to make any quota.  This can save you thousands of dollars on your case.

 Top legal representation for low legal fees – See the Google reviews, then make the call.


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Also Offices in Lone Tree, Cherry Creek, Denver, Aurora, Littleton, and Lakewood – see below.

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