Denver Colorado, Family Law Attorney Jeff Alter
Attorney Jeff Alter
Attorney Jeff Alter

Jeff received his law degree in 1993 from California Western School of Law, with a focus on litigation, dispute resolution, and legal research, and practiced in California and Connecticut before settling in beautiful Colorado with his family. While in law school, he was the top of his class in legal skills. At Ohio University, Jeff received the Gamertsfelder Prize for most outstanding work in Philosophy.

He has focused exclusively on Family Law matters in Colorado since 2007 and has provided legal support to judges at the Arapahoe County District Court.

He is a member of the Colorado Bar Association, Denver Bar Association, and Arapahoe and Douglas County Bar associations, and focuses most of his practice in Arapahoe, Douglas, Denver, Jefferson, and Adams Counties.

*Experienced. Through handling countless divorces, financial disputes, custody battles, child and spousal support cases, contempts, protection orders, and a myriad of other family related issues, Jeff has helped his clients evaluate their cases, and discussed possible and probable outcomes based on their circumstances, as well as develop a "game-plan" based on effective strategies and tactics.

*Interests. Aside from practicing family law, Jeff's interests include hiking, basketball, racquetball, ping pong, working out, skiing, music, chess, reading and movies.

*Resolution. Litigation, mediation, negotiation, arbitration, conciliation, settlement proposals - Jeff does it all.

*Clients. Past clients include doctors, stay at home spouses, educators, skilled and unskilled tradesmen, lawyers, performers, business owners, unemployed parents and spouses, state and federal government employees - from all walks of life.

*Passion & Commitment. Jeff is dedicated solely to to family law - He appreciates that family law issues are the biggest issues facing people's lives, and channels his efforts accordingly.

Selected as one of Ten Best Attorneys in Colorado.
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