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The Alter Difference

  • Strategies developed right from the start.
  • Case is organized with a common thread.
  • Ability to adjust: Unlike some firms, I will change gears when needed.
  • Not too proud: It's about you, not me.
  • Focused preparation behind the scenes but ahead in the case.
  • Agreeable to any settlement that makes sense for you and agreeable to you.
  • Cases - check out some case shorts. 

Obtained 50/50 parenting time for my client with two school-aged children against the contention that my client should only have every other weekend. I successfully argued that the other party's majority parenting time during the marriage was a normal "division of labor" that provided a benefit and made sense during the marriage but did not apply (and made no sense) after the marriage was disolved.

House was awarded to my client when the other party argued that it should be sold with the equity split between the parties. The other party maintained this position even though we offered to "buy out" their equity. Our winning strategy was to show that their children were very familiar and comfortable in the house. Selling it would magnify the stress of the divorce and rip away a "comfort zone." We continued that since the other party wanted to sell, they must not care about their children's stability...unlike my client. 

Minimized the maintenance (spousal support) my client was required to pay. Client was married to a stay-at-home spouse who argued for lengthy maintenance payments since the spouse had to stay home to take care of a child from another relationship. We reached a favorable settlement by:

  • Showing that my client had no responsibility for the relationship between the spouse and child - So the spouse needed to find a job.
  • Creating a fixed maintenance amount for a fixed time that would terminate and could not be extended or modified by the court.

Received a high child support ruling against spouse who claimed non-employment due to harsh financial conditions. The spouse claimed there were no present opportunities in the industry due to massive downsizing and a bad economy. Agreeing with me, the court imputed a high monthly income on the spouse. After I presented the evidence and arguments, the court found that the spouse was shirking their obligation by not looking elsewhere for a job, changing industries, and somehow managing to self-support with lodging, food, clothes, etc., yet not finding anything for the child. 

Won relocation ruling allowing my client to relocate to another state with their child against the wishes of the other party. The court was persuaded by our evidence showing that the child was much more bonded with my client, my client needed to relocate because the fiancé(e) was gainfully employed there. Also showed that the other party was not very involved in the child's life. 

Obtained substantial parenting time for my client who had substance abuse issues. From the start of the case, we worked on a rehabilitation plan and retained a therapist and counselor to provide treatment and testify favorably at trial. Additionally, I helped in getting the trial date set far out so that a history of successful rehabilitation could be shown.

In a substantial assets case, I assisted my client in creatively dividing marital assets as a whole so that individual assets would not need to be split up. This saved the client attorney fees and shortened the case.

In a case against a professional athlete, I obtained a child support award far in excess of the state guidelines recommendation, in part because the athlete could not afford the time to fight in court. An extremely beneficial settlement was reached. The moral here is that I try to make sure that my client gets at least what's fair - But if I can get more than fair (and my client agrees to the strategy), I will!

I could keep going on and on because I have many successful divorce case stories. Of course, I can't go to much into detail because I always protect my client's identities. However, I encourage you to contact me for a consultation about your situation. There is very little I haven't seen or dealt with...

Location Location Location

I practice Colorado divorce law in the entire Denver Metro area including:

Denver • Adams County • Arapahoe County • Boulder County • Broomfield County • Douglas County • Elbert County • Jefferson County

Also, I sometimes practice in Colorado Springs.

Divorce Can Involve Any One or More of the Following:

Child Custody

In your Colorado divorce, I focus on getting you the parenting time and decision-making that you deserve and are entitle to.  I work to maximize your connection to your kids. I put together a plan utilizing the "best interests" factors that courts are required to use to make custody determinations.

Child Support

I will make sure you receive what you are entitled to for your child or that you are not paying more than you need to. This includes tax exemptions, health care, day care, extra-curricular activities, and other needs. It also includes the number of overnights you have with your children which will affect the support calculations.

Spousal Support

This is also known as spousal maintenance. Just like child support, I will make sure you are not receiving too little or paying too much. I will discuss with you the upside and downside of modifiable maintenance and contractual maintenance which can have a huge impact on your bottom line and risk. 


Who gets which car? The house? What about bank accounts, retirement accounts, investment accounts, the expensive painting, diamond rings, the business one of you owns, the antique collection, the family pet and on and on? Contact me and get some serious representation as to your security - before it's too late.

Major Steps in the Divorce Process

This is What I Do...All the Time.

Initial Filing

Starting Out? First you will meet with me to gather all the relevant facts I need to get your case started on the right track. If you're the first one filing, I will draft a Petition, Summons, Case Information Sheet, and any other documents depending on the circumstances. If your the responding party, I will draft an appropriate Response. Either way, I will get you off to a good start. 

First Hearing

Colorado divorce cases typically all start out with an initial status conference held at the court. I'll be there with you. In fact, I usually try to handle everything so you don't even need to speak at the hearing (unless you really want to). It is there that along with the court (meaning judge), we more firmly set the stage for all the work, deadlines and hearings to follow. Don't worry - I've got you covered.

Initial Disclosures

Headache time? Under Colorado law, both parties need to make a full disclosure of their financial information. Again though, rest assured I will make it as seamless and painless as possible. Financial statements from all sources, including income, assets, and debts will need to be obtained. A special many-paged sworn financial statement will need to be submitted to the court and other party. I will work closely with you on this to protect your marital financial rights to the fullest. 


Settlement time. Most Colorado courts require the parties to set up a mediation soon after the initial status conference. The hope is that we can reach an agreement on some if not all the issues. Partial agreements are always welcome as they narrow the issues for trial. Of course, we can always try another mediation later if it makes sense, but doing one early has the added benefit of not paying attorneys to prepare issues that you can agree on earlier. 

Trial Preparation

After mediation, I usually start preparing for trial. Although some cases vary, this usually means rounding up a list of witnesses which I will talk with you about, as well as gathering evidence, making exhibits, structuring a trial presentation, and organizing all relevant points of law.

The Trial

This is the part most people see on television. It's my job to present your case as clearly and persuasively as possible. We may need to litigate every issue down to who gets the dust pan (although I hope not) or just have one issue that still needs to be resolved (like what school the kids will attend). Either way, I am with you and for you.

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