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Factors Determining Child Support

  • Incomes of the Parents.
  • Number of Overnights.
  • Number of Children.
  • Child Care Payments.
  • Health Insurance Costs.
  • Child Tax Exemption.
  • Care for Other Children.

What Counts as Income

  • Salary, Wages, and Tips, including bonuses and commissions.
  • Dividends, Capital Gains & Interest.
  • Rental Income.
  • Social security Benefits.
  • Worker's Comp, Unemployment, and Disability Benefits.
  • Monetary Gifts.
  • Alimony.

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I practice Colorado child support law in the entire Denver Metro area including:

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Also, I sometimes practice in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Child Support Considerations:

Calculating Child Support

Colorado uses legislative guidelines to calculate child support. Although I use a proprietary calculator, there is one available on the Colorado judicial website.  A party's income may need to be examined and investigated more thoroughly. I can conduct the appropriate legal discovery to ensure that you are not getting less or paying more child support than you should. Additionally, I will help you sort out payment of extraordinary medical, education, and travel expenses.

Agreements on Child Support

Although there are always exceptions, if the incomes are determined and not really subject to reasonable dispute, an agreement can usually be made through mediation or other negotiations. This doesn't necessarily settle the child support issue however, as the parties may still disagree on how parenting time is allcated which also directly affect child support.

Modifying Child Support

If you already have a child support, then you can have it modified if you can show there is a "substantial and continuing change of circumstances" that would result in a 10% change in child support if the guidelines were applied. This could result from a change of income or a change in parenting time overnights. The modification is retroactive to the date the motion for modification was filed or when a court-ordered or voluntary overnight change took place.

Watch It

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you will pay more or receive less than you otherwise would, and it most likely won’t be that easy to fix later if you find out you should have received a better “deal” either from the court or the other party. Attempting to save money by not hiring an attorney can cost you a lot more in child support, and there is rarely a worse feeling than thinking you received the short end of the stick in you court case.

Additional Colorado Child Support Considerations

What about College?

After July 1, 1997, courts can only enter a child support order for contribution to college costs if there is an agreement between the parties.

Who Needs to Provide the Child's Health Insurance?

The court can order either or both to carry health insurance, but will usually select the most reasonable policy based on the best interests of the child.

Birth-Related Costs

If the parties were not living together or supporting each other during the time of birth forward, hospital and other birth-related costs can be requested from the other parent. Further, retroactive child support can be requested from the date of birth forward, even if the Petition is filed much later. This is a somewhat specialized area and you would do well to retain an attorney to ensure you don't miss the opportunity to request this.

Enforcement of Child Support Orders

Most child support orders involve required monthly payments. If these payments are not timely made, a contempt motion can be filed against the other party. Although an attorney is beneficial here as well, Colorado has a child support enforcement agency which can assist in enforcement for a minimal fee. This should be explored to determine whether this would be good in your situation.

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