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Parenting Time

  • Number of Overnights - What's best for the children?
  • Holidays, School Breaks, Birthdays, etc.
  • Vacations - How long does each parent get? Out of the country?
  • Communication with the children on the other parent's time.
  • Pick-up and Drop-Off Schedules.
  • Childcare accommodations.
  • Right of First Refusal?


  • School Choice - Where do the kids go?
  • Religion - Yes/No and what, where and when?
  • Sports and extracurriculars - Which ones, for how long, and who pays?
  • Tatoos & Piercings - Yes/No Where?
  • Curfews - School days versus non-school days?
  • Hair Styles - How long, coloring, shaved?
  • Diet - Any restrictions on type of food?

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I practice Colorado child custody law in the entire Denver Metro area including:

Denver • Adams County • Arapahoe County • Boulder County • Broomfield County • Douglas County • Elbert County • Jefferson County

Also, I sometimes practice in Colorado Springs.

Does My Case Need an Expert?

Child & Family Investigator (CFI)

A CFI is a neutral expert appointed by the court who investigates the child(ren) and parental relationship and makes a "child(ren)'s best interests" parenting time or decision-making recommendation to the court. The CFI will address all important witnesses and applies statutory factors in making the recommendation.

Parental Responsibilities Evaluator (PRE)

The PRE is like a CFI who can do psychological evaluations. Thus, a PRE is most often a psychologist. A CFI can be a psychologist, but also may be a lawyer or social worker, or anyone with CFI training. The PRE should be considered where the mental state of the children or a parent would be important in making a parenting time or decision-making recommendation.

Substance Abuse Evaluator

The substance abuse evaluator has experience in testing and screening for substance abuse, including drugs, alcohol, prescription medications, etc. These experts should be called upon where substance abuse is disputed between the parties. Usually, the substance abuse evaluator works alongside or in addition to the CFI or PRE.

Watch It

Although experts are supposed to be neutral, the reality is that some evaluators have particular biases and leanings based on their own experience or training. A good attorney either knows or investigates the evaluator before agreeing to one, and should be involved in the selection process. Whether and to what extent an evaluator should be appointed in your case is an issue your attorney should discuss with you in depth.

Best Interests of the Children

These Factors are Used to Decide Parenting Time and Decision-Making.

  • The wishes of the child's parents as to parenting time;

  • The wishes of the child if he or she is sufficiently mature to express reasoned and independent preferences as to the parenting time schedule;

  • The interaction and interrelationship of the child with his or her parents, his or her siblings, and any other person who may significantly affect the child's best interests.


  • The child's adjustment to his or her home, school, and community;

  • The mental and physical health of all individuals involved, except that a disability alone shall not be a basis to deny or restrict parenting time;

  • The ability of the parties to encourage the sharing of love, affection, and contact between the child and the other party.


  • Whether the past pattern of involvement of the parties with the child reflects a system of values, time commitment, and mutual support;;

  • The physical proximity of the parties to each other as this relates to the practical considerations of parenting time;

  • The ability of each party to place the needs of the child ahead of his or her own needs.


For Decision-Making, the above factors plus the following apply:

  • Credible evidence of the ability of the parties to cooperate and to make decisions jointly;

  • Whether the past pattern of involvement of the parties with the child reflects a system of values, time commitment, and mutual support that would indicate an ability as mutual decision makers to provide a positive and nourishing relationship with the child;

  • Whether an allocation of mutual decision-making responsibility on any one or a number of issues will promote more frequent or continuing contact between the child and each of the parties.


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Premier Colorado Divorce Attorney | Metro Denver

The Alter Difference

  • Strategies developed right from the start.
  • Case is organized with a common thread.
  • Ability to adjust: Unlike some firms, I will change gears when needed.
  • Not too proud: It's about you, not me.
  • Focused preparation behind the scenes but ahead in the case.
  • Agreeable to any settlement that makes sense for you and agreeable to you.
  • Cases - check out some case shorts. 

Obtained 50/50 parenting time for my client with two school-aged children against the contention that my client should only have every other weekend. I successfully argued that the other party's majority parenting time during the marriage was a normal "division of labor" that provided a benefit and made sense during the marriage but did not apply (and made no sense) after the marriage was disolved.

House was awarded to my client when the other party argued that it should be sold with the equity split between the parties. The other party maintained this position even though we offered to "buy out" their equity. Our winning strategy was to show that their children were very familiar and comfortable in the house. Selling it would magnify the stress of the divorce and rip away a "comfort zone." We continued that since the other party wanted to sell, they must not care about their children's stability...unlike my client. 

Minimized the maintenance (spousal support) my client was required to pay. Client was married to a stay-at-home spouse who argued for lengthy maintenance payments since the spouse had to stay home to take care of a child from another relationship. We reached a favorable settlement by:

  • Showing that my client had no responsibility for the relationship between the spouse and child - So the spouse needed to find a job.
  • Creating a fixed maintenance amount for a fixed time that would terminate and could not be extended or modified by the court.


Received a high child support ruling against spouse who claimed non-employment due to harsh financial conditions. The spouse claimed there were no present opportunities in the industry due to massive downsizing and a bad economy. Agreeing with me, the court imputed a high monthly income on the spouse. After I presented the evidence and arguments, the court found that the spouse was shirking their obligation by not looking elsewhere for a job, changing industries, and somehow managing to self-support with lodging, food, clothes, etc., yet not finding anything for the child. 

Won relocation ruling allowing my client to relocate to another state with their child against the wishes of the other party. The court was persuaded by our evidence showing that the child was much more bonded with my client, my client needed to relocate because the fiancé(e) was gainfully employed there. Also showed that the other party was not very involved in the child's life. 

Obtained substantial parenting time for my client who had substance abuse issues. From the start of the case, we worked on a rehabilitation plan and retained a therapist and counselor to provide treatment and testify favorably at trial. Additionally, I helped in getting the trial date set far out so that a history of successful rehabilitation could be shown.

In a substantial assets case, I assisted my client in creatively dividing marital assets as a whole so that individual assets would not need to be split up. This saved the client attorney fees and shortened the case.

In a case against a professional athlete, I obtained a child support award far in excess of the state guidelines recommendation, in part because the athlete could not afford the time to fight in court. An extremely beneficial settlement was reached. The moral here is that I try to make sure that my client gets at least what's fair - But if I can get more than fair (and my client agrees to the strategy), I will!

I could keep going on and on because I have many successful divorce case stories. Of course, I can't go to much into detail because I always protect my client's identities. However, I encourage you to contact me for a consultation about your situation. There is very little I haven't seen or dealt with...

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I practice Colorado divorce law in the entire Denver Metro area including:

Denver • Adams County • Arapahoe County • Boulder County • Broomfield County • Douglas County • Elbert County • Jefferson County

Also, I sometimes practice in Colorado Springs.

Divorce Can Involve Any One or More of the Following:

Child Custody

In your Colorado divorce, I focus on getting you the parenting time and decision-making that you deserve and are entitle to.  I work to maximize your connection to your kids. I put together a plan utilizing the "best interests" factors that courts are required to use to make custody determinations.

Child Support

I will make sure you receive what you are entitled to for your child or that you are not paying more than you need to. This includes tax exemptions, health care, day care, extra-curricular activities, and other needs. It also includes the number of overnights you have with your children which will affect the support calculations.

Spousal Support

This is also known as spousal maintenance. Just like child support, I will make sure you are not receiving too little or paying too much. I will discuss with you the upside and downside of modifiable maintenance and contractual maintenance which can have a huge impact on your bottom line and risk. 


Who gets which car? The house? What about bank accounts, retirement accounts, investment accounts, the expensive painting, diamond rings, the business one of you owns, the antique collection, the family pet and on and on? Contact me and get some serious representation as to your security - before it's too late.

Major Steps in the Divorce Process

This is What I Do...All the Time.

Initial Filing

Starting Out? First you will meet with me to gather all the relevant facts I need to get your case started on the right track. If you're the first one filing, I will draft a Petition, Summons, Case Information Sheet, and any other documents depending on the circumstances. If your the responding party, I will draft an appropriate Response. Either way, I will get you off to a good start. 

First Hearing

Colorado divorce cases typically all start out with an initial status conference held at the court. I'll be there with you. In fact, I usually try to handle everything so you don't even need to speak at the hearing (unless you really want to). It is there that along with the court (meaning judge), we more firmly set the stage for all the work, deadlines and hearings to follow. Don't worry - I've got you covered.

Initial Disclosures

Headache time? Under Colorado law, both parties need to make a full disclosure of their financial information. Again though, rest assured I will make it as seamless and painless as possible. Financial statements from all sources, including income, assets, and debts will need to be obtained. A special many-paged sworn financial statement will need to be submitted to the court and other party. I will work closely with you on this to protect your marital financial rights to the fullest. 


Settlement time. Most Colorado courts require the parties to set up a mediation soon after the initial status conference. The hope is that we can reach an agreement on some if not all the issues. Partial agreements are always welcome as they narrow the issues for trial. Of course, we can always try another mediation later if it makes sense, but doing one early has the added benefit of not paying attorneys to prepare issues that you can agree on earlier. 

Trial Preparation

After mediation, I usually start preparing for trial. Although some cases vary, this usually means rounding up a list of witnesses which I will talk with you about, as well as gathering evidence, making exhibits, structuring a trial presentation, and organizing all relevant points of law.

The Trial

This is the part most people see on television. It's my job to present your case as clearly and persuasively as possible. We may need to litigate every issue down to who gets the dust pan (although I hope not) or just have one issue that still needs to be resolved (like what school the kids will attend). Either way, I am with you and for you.

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  • Divorce Attorney | Centennial, Colorado.
  • Greenwood Village, Colorado Divorce Attorney.
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  • Parker, Colorado Divorce Attorney.
  • Divorce Attorney | Arapahoe County, Colorado.
  • Douglas County, Colorado Divorce Attorney.
  • Divorce Attorney | Jefferson County, Colorado.
  • Adams County, Colorado Divorce Attorney

Centennial Colorado Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Attorney Serving Centennial Colorado

Jeff Alter, provides all your Centennial CO divorce law needs including:

  • Asset Division
  • Child Support
  • Child Custody
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Modification of Divorce Orders
  • Restraining Orders
  • Contempt Motions
  • Name Changes and more

Attorney Alter is a top choice divorce lawyer for residents of Centennial, CO for both men and women. He provides quality and strong legal representation at the Arapahoe District Court, Douglas District Court, Jefferson District Court, Denver District Court and other courthouses within the Denver Metro area.

Choosing the right lawyer for your divorce is critically important. Divorce issues can be complicated. Attorney Alter will work to get you a fair and practical resolution first, but represent you strongly at trial if no agreement can be reached.

Please visit the main site to find out more.



Colorado Child Support Representation

Colorado Child Support Attorney

with you, for you, about you

People have different feelings about child support. Some feel they should get more or pay less. Some think that that they are fine with whatever the Colorado child support guidelines provide. Others believe that child support isn't that important if they get the kind of child custody they want or that if custody is shared equally, then there should be no support. I have settled and litigated countless child support cases over the years involving almost every scenario imaginable. I can look at your situation and honestly tell you what I believe the court will do given given your circumstances. I can also ensure that you do not pay more or receive less than what you are entitled to under the law. This is important because child support is a major contribution over the years - usually until the child turns 19 years old!


Child Support is About Money

Let’s face it. Child support is about money. In Colorado generally, child support is paid for on a monthly basis until the child(ren) turn(s) 19 years old, and involves who gets to claim tax exemptions, pay for day-care, extracurricular expenses, health insurance and related out-of-pocket costs, travel and educational expenses, life insurance and more. So child support is about alot of money.


Be Careful

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you will pay more or receive less than you otherwise would, and it most likely won’t be that easy to fix later if you find out you should have received a better “deal” either from the court or the other party. Attempting to save money by not hiring an attorney can cost you a lot more in child support, and there is rarely a worse feeling than thinking you received the short end of the stick in you court case.


Calculating Child Support

Colorado uses legislative guidelines to calculate child support. Although I use a proprietary calculator, there is one available on the Colorado judicial website. The calculations are based on factors such as the parties' income, number of overnights with the children, child care, and health insurance costs. These factors are not always agreed upon or easily discoverable.  For instance, a party's income may need to be examined and investigated more thoroughly. I can conduct the appropriate legal discovery to ensure that you are not getting less or paying more child support than you should.

Additionally, I will help you sort out payment of extraordinary medical, education, and travel expenses.


Modification of Child Support

If the financial circumstances of either of you have changed, or if your parenting time has changed you may be entitled to have your child support modified. Call me to discuss your options in this regard.

No nonsense...

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A Better Family Law Attorney | Denver, Colorado

The Alter Difference

  • Lower caseloads so your case gets more attention than with other attorneys. I'm picky about my clients.
  • Plain talk: Communicated in plain English, not lawyerspeak.
  • Lower fees for family law expertise.
  • No associates or "learning attorneys" will get assigned to you.
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  • Rave reviews - check out the client kudos. 

You truly are an awesome attorney. You have made a huge difference in my life by getting the results you did.


_____ and I send our sincere thanks to you. It has only been through your clear vision and advocacy for me and my children’s rights that have led us to finally have a chance to have the relationships we deserve. Thank you thank you and thank you again. 


THANK YOU X 1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did a GREAT JOB and I can’t thank you enough- the words Thank you are not enough actually!!!! Extremely Grateful. –thank you


Jeff, thank you, for doing such a good job. I appreciate all of your hard work in this case. I just want you to know I feel you are an amazing attorney.


Hi Jeff, Thank you so much! I love the approach and really appreciate your hard work and commitment.


_____ and I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your hard work on our case! I know that we have been a pain in the butt, calling you at late hours and on your weekends. we also appreciate you answer every single one of both of our questions and clarifications. I don’t think that either one of us have said how much we appreciate you, and all you are doing for us and our family!!! Thank you again!


Jeff, thank you so much on all your hard work. I am so relieved to finally be freed from _____. I have called every one, (except _____), to tell them all the great news.


It has been a pleasure working with you and I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again for all you have done and your continued support!


Thank you so much – I cannot even explain how much you have helped to change this situation.


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I practice Colorado family law in the entire Denver Metro area including:

Denver • Adams County • Arapahoe County • Boulder County • Broomfield County • Douglas County • Albert County • Jefferson County

Also, I sometimes practice in Colorado Springs.

Who is Your Family Law Attorney in Colorado Really?

You hire the attorney, NOT the firm. Keep this in mind. There are some reputable Colorado family law firms out there but:

You may not get one of the better attorneys in  the firm, even though you're paying firm-level fees.

Associates in bigger family law firms need to bill out so many "billable hours" in a year to keep their job. That makes you part of their quota! Smells like a conflict of interest. Why bill you for one hour when it could be two?

Family law firms will often have many hands grabbing a piece of the pie. Imagine paying an attorney to dictate, a secretary to transcribe the dictation, and an attorney to review the transcription to ensure it accurately reflects the dictation, who will then dictate any errors to be transcribed... Come on - Really?

I work only for you. I answer to no partner, have no required billable hours, and am not called upon to make others richer at your expense. By controlling all aspects of your case, I KNOW your case. 

Family Law

On your side in dealing with your spouse or partner or children including custody, money and property.


I will educate, negotiate, and litigate for your rights on all issues, and help you not start (or end) at a disadvantage.

Child Custody

I stand up for your parental rights, and promote your relationship with your children through the law and the facts.


Child Support or Spousal Support? I make sure that you are not getting less or paying more that you need to.


Even the best plans fail if not executed properly. I am a professional executioner.


Been there, done that, won that. Saw it, heard it, wrote it, argued it, opened it, closed it. 


Do it right, do it well, do it efficiently, do it effectively...Do it with Jeff.

Useful and/or Relevant Links

Colorado Family Law Judicial Forms - These forms were created by the judicial branch and are mainly used by pro se parties, which means parties who represent themselves. These forms can be useful as well as instructive. However, they can also be inadequate and in some cases dangerous. Reality check - The judicial branch does not exist to advocate for your best interests (that's my job). The court tries to deal out justice as efficiently and objectively as possible.

The ugly truth is that some people get hurt this way and never know what happened. And many people can be treated differently under the same circumstances and it still "counts as fair" in the legal sense. I'm sure you've heard stories of quite different custody, child support, spousal support orders and the like being issued when the parties don't seem all that different. Bottom line: These forms have severe legal consequences affecting the most serious issues in your life. It is always better to have an attorney who is very familiar with these consequences draft your papers for you. Enough said...

Colorado Family Law Statutes - Takes awhile to load so be patient. While there are other statutes scattered around in various places, this is the "meat" of most applicable family law statutes. Divorce, Custody, Child Support, etc. can all be found here. Knock yourself out.

Wiki Family Law Info - Collection of Wiki links to more specific family law information.

Colorado Legal Services - A non-profit organization that helps low-income people with divorce and other family law issues. While their honorable mission is to provide legal services to those who cannot afford it, the reality is that they are under-staffed and over-worked. Nonetheless, the site has some useful information.

Legal Information Institute - Part of a "Free Access to Law" movement provided as a public service by Cornell Law School. It electronically delivers legal information and republishes various legal codes.

Colorado Bar Association - A professional association of attorneys serving the needs of its members and providing some information to the public as well.

American Bar Association | Family Law - A national professional association of attorneys which also provides some information for the public.

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